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Where should I put my custom backgrounds?

Rich Merritt
Rich Merritt
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Organizing Digital Content in Fire Studio 5-7 (Windows and Mac)

Note: Proper organization of digital content is recommended for efficient usage within Fire Studio.


Preferred Location: FireStudio Sub-folder:

  • We recommend using the FireStudio sub-folder situated within your Documents folder on your computer. For instance: Documents/FireStudio7/CustomBackgrounds.
  • Choosing a location here will minimize issues in the future.
  • Once you place your custom images in a folder, they cannot be moved. This will cause errors when opening simulations where the program will not know where the files are located

Create Categorized Folders:

    • Organize your pictures into custom folders. Most users opt for folders based on specific simulations they're building. However, another approach is to create folders based on image types: residential buildings, commercial centers, power plants, etc.

Careful Placement for Long-Term Usage:

  • Select a storage location thoughtfully. Your chosen location will serve as the repository for your images throughout the simulation design process.
  • Do not store images on your Desktop. There will be a great chance that they will be moved either intentionally or accidentally.

Recommended Process:

    • Do NOT import images from an external (USB) drive
    • Copy the files from the USB drive to your computer's drive FIRST.

    • Then, import these files into a custom library within Fire Studio for use in your simulations.

Note: Prioritize copying files to your computer drive before importing them into Fire Studio to prevent potential missing file issues during the simulation design.

Adopt these guidelines for organizing and storing your digital content effectively within Fire Studio versions 5 through 7, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free simulation design process.