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After moving my simulations to another computer, the background images are missing.

Rich Merritt
Rich Merritt
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Moving Simulations to a New Location

Note: To move your simulations to a new location, follow these steps.

Export Simulation(FS 5.4, FS 6.x and FS 7.x):

(Note the Export function is different from the Save function. To move a simulation to a new location, you must EXPORT the simulation BEFORE moving it.)

  1. Within Fire Studio: Open Fire Studio on your computer.

  2. Use the Export Button: Locate and use the "Export Simulation" button within Fire Studio.

  3. Identify Associated Files: Upon exporting, two files are generated: a .DCS file and a .LBR file associated with the simulation.

  4. Move Both Files: Transfer both the .DCS and .LBR files to the other computer where you wish to open the simulation.

For Fire Studio 7 Users:

  • Addition of Publish Feature in Fire Studio 7: If using Fire Studio 7, note that a there is a new option in addition to Export called "Publish" A published simulation generates a single file with a .DCX extension. Transfer this single file accordingly for each simulation.

Fire Studio 5 Users:

  1. Check Version Compatibility: Ensure you're using Fire Studio version 5.4 or newer. To check:

    • Restart Fire Studio.
    • Look at the text box at the bottom of the screen, where the version number appears in red.

Troubleshoot Missing Backgrounds:

    • Check System Resources: Insufficient system resources might cause missing backgrounds. Ensure your computer's video card meets Fire Studio's minimum requirements.

    • Background Photo Dimensions: Check the dimensions or resolution of your background photos. Large photos require more RAM. Resizing can reduce overhead.

    • Resizing Process: If resizing is needed:

      • Resize images on your Instructor machine.
      • Re-add the images to a new Library.
      • Add them back into the Simulation.
      • Export the Simulation again.

Note: Resizing may solve issues related to missing backgrounds.

Follow these steps to successfully export, transfer, and troubleshoot missing background images in Fire Studio across various versions and operating systems.