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How do I move my simulation to another computer when upgrading to a new version of Fire Studio?

Rich Merritt
Rich Merritt
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To move your simulation to another computer, or to open your sims on a new version of Fire Studio, you must first EXPORT your simulation. This is different from SAVING your simulation. In Fire Studio 7, there is also a Publish feature.

Watch the tutorial video by clicking HERE.

Upgrading to Fire Studio 7 from a Previous Version:

Preparation Steps:

  1. Check Simulations: Open Fire Studio 6 and verify each simulation for functionality. Fix any errors or missing files before proceeding.

  2. Export Simulations:

    • Open each simulation you want to retain in Fire Studio 6.
    • After confirming everything works, save the simulation.
    • Click the the Export button. When naming the exported sim, we recommend adding an "X" to the simulation name (e.g., GarageFireX) to denote it's been exported.
    • Note: Exporting a simulation creates two files (DCS and LBR) which must be kept together in the same folder. Avoid exporting directly to/from a thumb drive.
    • Export to a folder on your computer. Then, if necessary, copy those files to a new location on a different computer.

Upgrade Steps:

  1. Deactivate and Uninstall Fire Studio 6: Before installing Fire Studio 7, ensure that Fire Studio 6 is uninstalled and deactivated properly.

  2. Install and Activate Fire Studio 7: Install the new Fire Studio 7 software and complete the activation process.

  3. Transfer Exported Simulation Files:

    • Create a designated folder (e.g., "Exported V6 Sims") within Documents/FireStudio7 to organize the exported simulation files.
    • Copy the previously exported simulation files (DCS and LBR) into this new folder.
  4. Opening Exported Simulations in Fire Studio 7: Launch Fire Studio 7 and navigate to the designated folder where you saved the exported simulation files.

  5. Verify Functionality: Open each exported simulation in Fire Studio 7 to ensure proper functionality and compatibility.

Additional Notes:

  • Always ensure backups of your simulations before making any major changes or upgrades.
  • Double-check that all necessary files associated with the simulations are included and properly transferred.
  • Do not save directly to thumb drives when exporting simulations to prevent potential file issues. Save to a folder location on the hard drive, then copy the files to a USB drive to move to another location.
  • When you have the files on the USB drive on the new computer, DO NOT OPEN ANY SIMULATIONS DIRECTLY FROM THE USB DRIVE! Copy the files to the new location and open them from there.

By following these steps, you can smoothly transition your simulations from Fire Studio 6 to Fire Studio 7 while ensuring none of your valuable data gets lost in the process.