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I need information on Online Training. How do I start?

Rich Merritt
Rich Merritt
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If you would like to receive Online Training for Fire Studio, read the information below:

Before signing up for Online Training, it's a good idea familiarize yourself with Fire Studio. 

Here's how:

Getting started with Fire Studio Instructor Edition:

Start by exploring the videos and practicing the concepts provided on this page: Fire Studio Video Center.

It's essential to familiarize yourself, at least, with the content outlined in the user guide. This way, you'll have a quick reference for answers or procedures before they're committed to memory.


Find our comprehensive collection of videos on our YouTube channel: Fire Studio Tutorial Videos

It's recommended to follow the logical sequence presented on the previous link first. These videos are structured to introduce fundamental concepts. Randomly watching videos on the YouTube channel without grasping these foundational concepts may lead to confusion.

Once you've gone through the initial materials, proceed to purchase or schedule an appointment if you haven't already. This progression ensures a structured and foundational understanding before delving deeper into the Fire Studio Instructor Edition.


Purchase Online Software training "Essentials of Fire Studio" for Fire Studio 6 or 7 Instructor Edition via Zoom video/web conference.


  • Follow along on your own computer running Fire Studio 6 or 7 Instructor Edition while the instructor shares their screen and walks you through the program.
  • Benefit from the guidance of an experienced instructor skilled in Fire Studio who is also a retired fire service Deputy Chief.
  • Gain insights from his extensive experience in using Fire Studio for teaching and creating simulation training for fire departments and private industry.

Use this Web Cart link below to purchase 1 or more sessions: $120. for each 2-hour session for you or your small group.  
Click to purchase Online Training using this web cart

Sessions are purchased in 2-hour increments.  For example, If you purchase a quantity of 2 in your order cart, it would total 4 hours of training.


You have the option to purchase sessions as you progress or pre-pay for a span of 6 to 10 hours. I suggest starting with two sessions and adjusting based on your needs. Unfortunately, we don't currently offer a comprehensive 2-day traditional class nearby. Our online method, featuring live sessions with the same instructor, has become more popular due to its immediacy and absence of travel requirements. This approach enables a more tailored focus on your specific interests or needs, ultimately saving you both time and money compared to broadly taught traditional classes.

I recommend beginning with a 2-hour session to practice simulation creation, followed by another session on a different day to address further inquiries or specific requirements. This approach provides a significant advantage over attempting to cover all material within a standard 2-day classroom setting.


Upon completing your purchase, expect to receive a delivery email containing a unique coupon code and a link to our e-calendar appointment system. Choose a suitable time and day from the array of available slots (We always maintain a wide range of appointment times). In case you require a specific, uncommon time that isn't listed on the calendar, you can directly request this from the Instructor by informing us.

If you haven't already, ensure that your email is prepared to receive communications from our web cart or distributor via the domain


On the training day, you will meet the Instructor online with a provided web conference link sent by email. **Log into the meeting on one computer ( maybe in a training room with a large clear screen)  and follow along on your other computer running Fire Studio 6 or 7 Instructor Edition. The software trainer will share his screen with you during the session and walk you through Fire Studio and work with example project files with you. 


For optimal meeting efficiency, consider attending either for one-on-one training or inviting a small group, typically comprising 2 to 6 key individuals, to join the training session together in one room. This recommendation stems from the potential issues that can arise when individuals join remotely from different locations, homes, or other places, causing potential disruptions due to connection, microphone, or sound problems, consequently slowing down the pace and consuming valuable time.


In a small group setting within the same room, maintaining a cohesive flow of questions and answers becomes more seamless. Moreover, being physically together allows for quicker assistance among attendees without constantly interrupting the instructor for minor queries or issues, thereby maximizing the productivity and output during the session.


When scheduling your appointment online, it's important to inform the Instructor about whether you'll be utilizing Fire Studio 6 or 7 Instructor Edition. Additionally, share your current level of familiarity with Fire Studio or any specific creations you've already accomplished. Typically, the initial session serves as an orientation. By providing these details beforehand and discussing them during the first meeting, the Instructor will have a clearer understanding of your starting point and can tailor the session accordingly to meet your specific needs.