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I see a company called FastSpring on my quote. What is FastSpring?

Rich Merritt
Rich Merritt
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FastSpring serves as the global distributor for Digital Combustion, Inc., the developer behind the Fire Studio software you're acquiring.

As the vendor facilitating your purchase, FastSpring operates independently from us; we're not a subsidiary of FastSpring. Think of FastSpring as a platform akin to Amazon but tailored for software developers.

Their role includes hosting a worldwide web storefront for our products and delivering your initial purchase via email. They manage payment processing across multiple currencies and handle critical aspects like U.S. sales tax compliance and reporting, along with GST and VAT obligations in all countries where we operate.

While FastSpring is the vendor facilitating your purchase, we encourage you to reach out directly to Digital Combustion for any inquiries or support needs related to the product. We aim to be your primary point of contact, offering comprehensive technical assistance, especially for our free general tech support services.

Should you have any further inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help.