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How do I move my Exported simulations to a different computer or iPad?

Rich Merritt
Rich Merritt
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Moving Exported Sims to another Computer:

  1. Locate Exported Sims: Find the exported simulation files (.dcs and .lbr) with the same name but different extensions. For example, 123MainSt.dcs and 123MainSt.lbr.

  2. Copy Files: Copy both .dcs and .lbr files and move them to the other computer's hard drive, ideally under the Documents folder.

  3. Folder Organization: Consider creating a dedicated folder structure. For instance, within Documents/FireStudio6/, create a subfolder named BlueCard.

  4. Paste Files: Paste the paired .dcs and .lbr files into the BlueCard folder you just created.

  5. Launch Fire Studio: Open Fire Studio on the new computer. Choose "Open" or "Load," depending on your version. Select the .dcs file (the .lbr files will be grayed out) and click Open.

  6. Access Simulation: Once the simulation is open, press 'P' to enter Present mode. Use arrow keys to navigate between slides.

  7. Returning to Interface: Press 'A' for Author mode to revert to the interface view.

Transfer Files between iPad and Computer:

Mac Connection:

  1. Connect iPad to Mac: Use USB or Wi-Fi (if set up).
  2. Finder Access: In Finder, select your iPad.
  3. File Transfer:
    • Mac to iPad: Drag files from Finder onto the Fire Studio app in the list.
    • iPad to Mac: Click an app name, drag files to Finder.
  4. Delete Files: Select file below an app name, press Command-Delete, then click Delete.

Windows PC Connection (Using iTunes):

  1. Connect iPad to PC: Use USB or Wi-Fi (if set up).
  2. Open iTunes: Click the iPad button in iTunes.
  3. File Sharing: Go to File Sharing, select the Fire Studio app.
  4. Transfer Files:
    • iPad to PC: Select file, click “Save to” and select destination.
    • PC to iPad: Click Add, select file, then click Add.
  5. Delete Files: Select file, press Delete, then click Delete.

Video Tutorial:

Watch a video tutorial on moving sims to iPads here.

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