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Sole Source Information and Letter

Doug Prochnow
Doug Prochnow
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If you're considering purchasing Fire Studio and your organization requires a sole source letter, you'll find one attached here. FastSpring serves as our sole global distributor for software products developed by Digital Combustion, Inc.


When you make a direct online purchase, it's through FastSpring, our store host. Think of FastSpring as the Amazon for software developers. This setup allows them to manage our sales tax compliance across the USA and numerous countries worldwide, relieving us of that responsibility.


If your organization needs to establish a vendor before purchasing, especially when using the Invoice option, set up FastSpring as the vendor. However, remember, for pre-sales information, technical support, software license queries, or even a copy of the purchase receipt, always reach out to us at Digital Combustion. We're your consistent point of contact for all inquiries. Contact us at or 1-800-884-8821.

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