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I created a new custom Library, but it doesn't show up on my Library List. Also, I am unable to Save my simulations.

Rich Merritt
Rich Merritt
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Problem: Unable to Save Simulations or Create Custom Libraries

When using Fire Studio for the first time, the program automatically generates a folder named Documents/FireStudio7 (for version 6.x it will be Documents/FireStudio6) to store the master library file. This file is crucial for saving simulations and managing custom libraries within the software. However, users may encounter difficulties if they lack the necessary read/write permissions for the Documents/FireStudio7 folder and its sub-folders.

Cause: Read/Write Permissions

The master library file is updated by Fire Studio whenever new content, such as custom backgrounds, is added to the program. If a user does not possess read/write permissions for the Documents/FireStudio7 folder, the master library file cannot be updated, leading to the saving of simulations or modifying custom libraries being blocked.

Solution: Setting Permissions

To resolve this issue, users should contact their IT team to grant appropriate read/write permissions for the Documents/FireStudio7 folder and its sub-folders. Alternatively, if multiple users utilize Fire Studio on the same computer, creating a dedicated "Fire Studio" user account with the necessary permissions can streamline the process. By logging into the designated Fire Studio account, users can ensure consistent access to the master library file without the need for individual adjustments across multiple user accounts.