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How do I move my Fire Studio 5.x and 6.2 license to a different computer?

Rich Merritt
Rich Merritt
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Moving Your License (FS5 and Fire Studio 6.2) to Another Computer

Note: You'll need to deactivate your current license before activating it on another computer.

For Windows:

Ensure your computer is connected to the internet.

  1. Go to C: Drive: Access your C: Drive.

  2. Select Program Files: Navigate to Program Files.

  3. Navigate to Digital Combustion: Find and select Digital Combustion.

  4. Access Fire Studio: Click on the Fire Studio folder.

  5. Open License Manager: Locate and open the License Manager.

  6. Deactivate License: Within the License Manager, select the option to Deactivate.


    Install/Activate: Install and Activate the license on a new computer.


    Note: If the deactivation fails, you may lack admin rights or be offline. Seek IT assistance or connect to the internet.

Once deactivated, you're ready to install the software on your new computer.

For Mac:

  1. Run License Manager: While Fire Studio is running, access the License Manager from the File Menu.

  2. Select Deactivate: Inside the License Manager, choose the Deactivate option.

  3. Install/Activate: Install and Activate the license on a new computer.

For installation assistance, refer to our Tutorial Page. Access your Customer Portal, follow instructions for Installing Fire Studio, and Activating your Software.

Tutorial Page: Fire Studio Video Center

After installing on the new computer, use the same activation license/password to activate it.

To move the license back to the original computer, follow the same instructions starting from the current licensed computer.

Follow these steps to smoothly deactivate and reactivate your FS5 and Fire Studio 6.2 license on another computer, ensuring a seamless transition between devices.