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"DirectX failed to initialize."

Rich Merritt
Rich Merritt

There are two situations that may cause this error: 1) the video card or graphics chipset you are using in your system does not meet the minimum requirements of the software 2) you do not have the correct video driver installed.


1) If you're using a desktop computer and find out you only have a built-in graphics chipset, you can purchase a separate video card and install it in the machine. Laptops however cannot be upgraded. Speak with your IT department regarding upgrading the video chipset.


2) Identify the graphics chipset in your computer and install the correct video driver for it. Typically a new computer will come with the correct driver installed (although it may be outdated), but if the system has been reinstalled, you may need to install the driver again.  We highly recommend updating your graphics driver if it is more than a few months old.